Saint Andrew’s Cathedral

Consecrated by Pope Urban II in 1096, Saint Andrew’s Cathedral is built on a Latin cross plan with a single nave 124 m long. Of the first Romanesque building, the interior walls of the nave remain. Royal gate from the first half of the 13th century, chevet and transept from the 14th and 15th centuries. … Read more

Bordeaux, world capital of wine

Bordeaux, the world capital of wine, is a charming city that has successfully entered the 21st century while preserving its exceptional architectural heritage, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. From its Gallo-Roman and medieval past, Bordeaux has preserved the ruins of the Palais Gallien, a 15,000-seat amphitheater built in the 3rd century. Old … Read more

All about Saint-Émilion

Tout savoir sur saint emilions

Saint-Émilion is a wine-growing village in the Bordeaux region of France. Located in the heart of the picturesque Bordeaux region, Saint-Émilion has been producing wine for centuries. The village is home to many historic vineyards and châteaux, as well as a number of innovative wineries that help make Saint-Émilion a leading producer of fine wines. … Read more

Bordeaux Park

Magnificent park of 28 hectares designed by Eugène Bülher in 1884 to “give the countryside to those who do not have it”. Free walk, free entrance. There are many attractions for children (water rides, miniature train, electric cars, merry-go-round, mechanical carriages, swings, puppet theater, refreshment stand, free-range and penned animals, children’s playgrounds).

Floral Park

Bordeaux wood of 120 ha (masses of exotic forest species for the most part) including an important network of water parts and canals and a health course. Floral park of 27 ha including collections of iris, heather plants, peonies, ten gardens representing the twin cities with Bordeaux, a stream, a historical rose garden (400 species … Read more

Public Garden of Bordeaux

The public garden of Bordeaux is a green space located in the city center. It is an ideal place to walk, do sports or simply relax. In this article, we will explain the different facets of the public garden of Bordeaux and give you some advice to make the most of this magnificent place! The … Read more

Castle of Villandraut

The construction of the castle began in 1305, for Bertrand de Goth, who became Pope, under the name of Clement V. Villandraut was probably built between 1305 and 1312, with parts completed as early as 1307-1308 since Clement V stayed there.

Castle of Bouilh

A royal work of art from the 18th century, built by Victor Louis, architect of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, from an old castle from the 16th century, the Château du Bouilh, classified as a historical monument, is made up of a group of buildings: a pavilion of honor and outbuildings arranged in a hemicycle. … Read more

Big Bell

Belfry of the old city hall built in the 13th and 15th centuries, the Porte de la Grosse Cloche has been modified several times. It is one of the few civil monuments that the city preserves from the Middle Ages, restored and illuminated.

Paleo-Christian site and Saint-Seurin basilica

One of the oldest vestiges of Bordeaux’s past. The paleo-Christian site, a former Gallo-Roman and Merovingian cemetery, brings to life the Christian origins of Bordeaux (sarcophagi, amphorae, frescoes). Church formerly collegiate, dedicated to Saint Seurin, bishop of Bordeaux, with very ancient origins. Porch and crypt of the XIth century. Classified M.H. and registered with the … Read more

Pey-Berland Tower

In the heart of Bordeaux, the Pey-Berland Tower, a jewel of flamboyant Gothic architecture, was built between 1440 and 1446. Isolated bell tower of the Cathedral Saint-André, it was crowned in 1863 with a statue of Our Lady of Aquitaine. From the top of its 231 steps, the tower offers the most beautiful view of … Read more

Esplanade des Quinconces

The esplanade is built on the site of Fort Tropeyte, built after the battle of Castillon in 1453, and replaced in the 17th century by the Château Trompette, demolished in 1816. On the square, stands the famous Monument to the Girondins. All year round, every day except Wednesday and Saturday, a walking tour including the … Read more

Grand Théâtre in Bordeaux

Built by the architect Victor Louis, the Grand Théâtre, classified M.H., was completed in 1780. Its façade is composed of twelve Corinthian columns and decorated with twelve stone statues representing the nine muses and three goddesses. The National Opera organizes guided tours every Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm, 3:30pm and 5pm.

Abbey of Notre-Dame de Guîtres

Testimony of the Romanesque purity and the Benedictine patience, the abbey of Guîtres, white and noble, on its terrace dominating the valley of the Isle, is rightly regarded as one of the most admirable monuments of Aquitaine. The abbey church is equipped with a large organ, an exceptional instrument because of the originality of its … Read more

Bell tower of the monolithic church

Located exactly above the monolithic church, it was built between the 12th and 15th centuries. The top of the spire reaches 70 meters above the market place, which makes it the highest bell tower in the Gironde after Saint-Michel in Bordeaux. The ascent of the 196 steps will allow you to dominate all the city … Read more

Saint-Nicolas de Blasimon Abbey

The former Benedictine abbey church of Saint-Nicolas, classified as a historical monument, was built in the 12th, 13th, 14th and 16th centuries in the Gamage valley. The abbey is probably a foundation of Saint-Jean d’Angély. In 1166, it is part of the possessions of the abbey of La Sauve-Majeure.

Park of the Lanessan Castle

Château Lanessan was built in 1878 by André Delbos, ancestor of the present owners, on the plans of the Bordeaux architect Henri Duphot after his stay in England and Ireland. In the middle of an estate of more than 300 hectares, the 8-hectare park conceals little-known treasures: flower garden, Dutch greenhouses. The flower garden was … Read more

Funerary chapel of the Dukes of Epernon

The chapel was commissioned in 1597 to Pierre Biard, one of the greatest sculptors and architects of the time, by Jean-Louis de Nogaret de La Valette, Duke of Epernon, to house the tomb of his wife, Marguerite de Foix Candale, who died in 1593. The architecture of the whole, with its woodwork, the altar and … Read more

Castle of Cazeneuve

Property of the King of France Henri IV and Queen Margot, former residence of the Kings of Navarre. In 1287, Edward I of England and his wife Eleanor of Castile reside in Cazeneuve. Castle and park XI-XVII centuries classified M.H.. To visit: the royal apartments furnished with period furniture, the Chapel, the Prison, the Bakery, … Read more

Castle of La Brède

On this estate, Charles Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède and Montesquieu, author of “Lettres Persanes” and “L’Esprit des Lois” was born on January 18, 1689. Built from the 14th century on the ruins of an older construction, the castle was redesigned from the Renaissance onwards. It has kept its character of fortress, atypical … Read more

Castle of Langoiran

Built at the end of the 13th century, the castle of Langoiran was one of the most prestigious and powerful elements of the duchy of Aquitaine. Involved in the struggles between the King of England and the King of France, a royal fortress at the end of the 15th century, it became the residence of … Read more

Malle Castle

The gardens are arranged in terraces and of Italian inspiration. A nymphaeum made of rocks and pebbles forms the background of a theater set.

Castle of Mongenan

It is part of a series of three gardens also protected and labeled “Remarkable Gardens”. Garden for ornament, garden for pleasure, and garden of utilities with esoteric connotation testify to the friendship and admiration of the master of the house, Antoine de Gascq for Jean-Jacques Rousseau who was his music and botany teacher. They gather … Read more

Castle of Roquetaillade

“Exceptional site of the Gironde”. Classified as a Historic Monument in 1840, Roquetaillade is made up of two castles dating from the 12th and 14th centuries, still inhabited and fully furnished by the same family for more than 700 years. Discover the ramparts, towers and dungeons from the Middle Ages, the chapel, the first Renaissance … Read more

Church of Magrigne

This chapel of the Templars was built in the 12th century. It is in Romanesque style and has no side windows because of the buildings that stood on its sides. The unique nave is supported by large flat buttresses built with beautiful stones. The chevet is flat and pierced by an elegant triplet with narrow … Read more

Saint-Jean d’Asques Church

Built on the edge of the plateau overlooking the Dordogne, this church was originally the chapel of a hospital commandery. From the primitive building remains the rectangular plan with a flat chevet and a single nave preceded by a bell tower.

Basilica of Our Lady of Verdelais

Here is the most famous pilgrimage of the Gironde with a miraculous statue of the Virgin in polychrome chestnut wood estimated from the 14th century. The Basilica brings together the different contributions of past centuries. The baroque choir, which took its present appearance in 1666, is particularly noteworthy. The nave has been enriched with “naïve” … Read more

Abbey of La Sauve Majeure

In the park which surrounds the monument, hundred-year-old trees evoke the origin of the name of the Abbey of La Sauve-Majeure, in Latin sylva major: the great forest. In the shade of these large trees, tables and benches allow you to picnic during the visit and during the opening hours of the site.

Medieval city of Saint-Macaire

The medieval city of Saint-Macaire forms the historic lock of the Bordeaux region on the Garonne, at the point where the tide runs out. Remarkable urban ensemble, it is a listed site since 1965 with many listed or registered buildings. Of the monastery remains the south wing of the cloister overlooking the ramparts and punctuated … Read more

Domaine de Grenade

Grandiose and picturesque, this 153-hectare estate, classified as a “Remarkable Garden”, is home to the largest rhododendron forest in Europe (40 hectares). The estate is a real green setting for the Château de Grenade and its 19th century stables. You can visit it either by walking along the 5 km of paths dotted with thirty … Read more

North Medoc Fortress

The memorial of the fortress of the North Médoc proposes through the visit of a museum and a historical site of the Atlantic Wall, to relate the battle of liberation of the pocket of German resistance North Médoc, in a human way devoid of partisan or political notion.

Fort Médoc

Classified as a historical monument, this fort was built by Vauban on the banks of the Gironde in 1689. It formed a line of protection on the estuary with the Citadel of Blaye and the Fort Paté. These three sites constituting the “lock of the estuary” have been classified as World Heritage by UNESCO within … Read more

Cordouan Lighthouse

King of lighthouses and lighthouse of kings, Cordouan, as it exists today, was built on the orders of Henry III on the site of a 13th century tower. Work began in 1584 and was completed in the early 17th century. The building, with its innovative architecture for its time, is a real technical feat. Consolidated … Read more

Citadel of Blaye, UNESCO world heritage

The Citadel of Blaye is a fortress located in the town of Blaye, in the department of Gironde. The Citadel was built between 1685 and 1689 by the military engineer François Ferry. In 2009, the Citadel of Blaye was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List The Citadel is an impressive sight, rising above the … Read more

Botanical garden of Bordeaux

Designed by Carherine Masbach, the garden stretches over 600 m long and 70 m wide on the right bank of the Garonne, in the Bastide district. All the themes evoked in this garden call for original presentations, designed by the landscape architect: aquatic garden, gallery of environments, crop fields, urban garden, ornamental round, vertical garden … Read more

The Gironde : A great seaside destination

Water is omnipresent in the Gironde and is infinitely varied: ocean, estuary, lakes, rivers and streams make up an exceptional mosaic of environments and landscapes. The Gironde is the land of mixed waters: 126 km of beaches, the largest estuary in Europe, the two largest lakes in France suitable for family water sports activities, two … Read more

Lacanau Ocean

Popular with surfers from all over the world, Lacanau-Ocean hosts every year in August one of the major stages of the world surfing championship, the ” Lacanau Pro “. It is the oldest surfing competition in France (1979). There are 7 surf clubs in the resort: surfing is considered a religion here! Lacanau-Ocean is also … Read more


Adults also have the choice of sunbathing on the beach, discovering sand yachting or racing on the lake. The UCPA center of Bombannes offers an adventure course accessible to all those who wish to experience the great thrill in complete safety: it is an aerial trekking where you move from tree to tree thanks to … Read more


Numerous bicycle paths, a vast forest and 7 km of beaches form a real paradise for lovers of outdoor sports or lazing around. Numerous infrastructures (tennis, stadium, playgrounds for children, motorcycle-cross circuit) relay the sports activities set up in summer by CAP33 . To recharge your batteries, head for the Euronat thalassotherapy center, the largest … Read more


12 km of beaches, 40 km of hiking trails, 30 km of bicycle paths: the seaside resort of Vendays-Montalivet has what it takes to seduce lovers of space and outdoor recreation or naturists who love freedom. The pleasures of water This is where the first family naturist vacation resort in the world was born in … Read more

Le Verdon-sur-Mer

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde estuary, Le Verdon-sur-Mer is the northernmost seaside resort of the Gironde coast, on the edge of the Médoc peninsula. Placed under the benevolence of the Cordouan lighthouse, the “Verdon” is first of all the Pointe de Grave, a magical place where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean … Read more


With the arrival of the railroad, Soulac-Sur-Mer was, along with Arcachon, one of the first seaside resort destinations on the Gironde coast and in France. There are nearly 500 19th century villas scattered throughout the resort which is classified as an ancient village. The first ones, on the sea front, were built in 1860. Behind … Read more

Le Cap-Ferret

In spite of its fame, Cap-Ferret has kept its original charm and a wild quietude that Jean Cocteau already appreciated. On the Bassin d’Arcachon side, calm waters allow children to swim in complete safety and to collect clams at low tide. On the Atlantic side, the ocean beaches of Grand-Crohot, Truc Vert and Horizon welcome … Read more

Lake of Cazaux

Only 10 km south of the Bassin d’Arcachon, to which it is connected by a canal, the lake of Cazaux is the second largest freshwater lake in France. Nestled in the heart of the forest and protected from the wind, it is home to an exuberant and generous nature on nearly 5,500 hectares, enough to … Read more

Lake of Carcans-Hourtin

With its 6,600 hectares, the lake of Carcans-Hourtin is the largest natural freshwater lake in France. Ideal for learning to sail, this lake saw the birth of the Olympic dinghies in the 60s, the famous 420 and 470. It is also popular with families for safe swimming. Its particularly preserved natural environment with its wild … Read more

Lake of Lacanau

6 km from the seaside resort of Lacanau-Ocean, the lake of Lacanau is both a peaceful place dedicated to swimming, sailing and fishing, as well as one of the training sites of the French water skiing team. Fed by small streams, the “crastes”, which drain the whole of the Médoc, this 2000-hectare lake, sheltered from … Read more

Hourtin Beach

Children are kings in Hourtin-Port, which has dedicated to them a “House of Early Childhood”. There is a daycare center for toddlers from 3 months to 3 years old and a play area for 3-12 year olds (all summer). In the “Children’s Island” (open all year round), the juniors can have fun in a huge … Read more

Le Pyla-sur-Mer

Located in the commune of La Teste-de-Buch, at the entrance to the Bay of Arcachon, the resort of Pyla-sur-Mer offers its visitors a wide range of emotions and activities. In Pyla-sur-Mer, we have the choice Swimming in the calm waters of the Basin or heading to the ocean beaches of Petit-Nice, La Lagune and La … Read more

The natural areas of the Gironde

Discover the animations, for the most part free, programmed for the season on the sensitive natural spaces of Gironde. With family or friends, with or without a guide, there is something for everyone! What is a Sensitive Natural Area? A Sensitive Natural Area (ENS) is a classified and protected site to preserve its unique biological … Read more

Le Porge Ocean

This seaside resort of the Médoc, located upstream of the Bassin d’Arcachon, has a huge 13 km beach, untouched by any construction. Here is nature in its raw state, to be consumed without moderation, which is what surfers and lovers of forest walks, on foot or by mountain bike, like to do. Le Porge is … Read more

Arcachon Basin

The Arcachon basin is a major tourist destination in France. Located in Gironde, it is bordered by the Landes forest and the Atlantic coast. This region offers many activities and attractions for vacationers: water sports, cycling or walking, cultural visits… Discover here all you need to know about the Arcachon basin! A very popular tourist … Read more