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All about Saint-Émilion

Tout savoir sur saint emilions

Saint-Émilion is a wine-growing village in the Bordeaux region of France. Located in the heart of the picturesque Bordeaux region, Saint-Émilion has been producing wine for centuries. The village is home to many historic vineyards and châteaux, as well as a number of innovative wineries that help make Saint-Émilion a... Lire la suite

Floral Park

Bordeaux wood of 120 ha (masses of exotic forest species for the most part) including an important network of water parts and canals and a health course. Floral park of 27 ha including collections of iris, heather plants, peonies, ten gardens representing the twin cities with Bordeaux, a stream, a... Lire la suite

Public Garden of Bordeaux

The public garden of Bordeaux is a green space located in the city center. It is an ideal place to walk, do sports or simply relax. In this article, we will explain the different facets of the public garden of Bordeaux and give you some advice to make the most... Lire la suite

Big Bell

Belfry of the old city hall built in the 13th and 15th centuries, the Porte de la Grosse Cloche has been modified several times. It is one of the few civil monuments that the city preserves from the Middle Ages, restored and illuminated. Lire la suite


Key figures for the Gironde

Les chiffres clés de la gironde

Discover the main key figures of the Gironde in terms of economy, population and employment. The Gironde is one of the most dynamic departments in France! Largest department in France The Gironde is the largest department in France, with a total area of 10725 km². The department owes its name... Lire la suite

The Gironde coastline

Visit and move

10 activities to do with your family in Bordeaux

10 activités à faire en famille autour de Bordeaux

If you're looking for family activities in Bordeaux, you've come to the right place. We have listed 10 activities that will appeal to young and old. Whether you like museums, parks or shows, we have what you need. So, don't wait any longer and discover Bordeaux! 1. Visit a vineyard... Lire la suite

Discover a new escape game in Bordeaux

Découvrez un nouvel escape game à Bordeaux

Notice to all Bordeaux escape game lovers, a brand new course arrives in town: the Bordeaux Escape Game of Hunting Town. This innovative escape game takes players on an adventure through the streets of Bordeaux, on an outdoor course. The mission of this course: To secure a powerful artifact, before... Lire la suite

Why telework in Bordeaux?

Trouver un espace de coworking à Bordeaux ?

Bordeaux is a city on the move, and it's not just in terms of the quality of its wines! The Gironde metropolis is indeed seeing the emergence of more and more spaces dedicated to teleworking. If you are looking for a different place to work, this article is for you.... Lire la suite

All about Libourne

Tout savoir sur Libourne

Libourne is a commune in the Gironde department in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in southwestern France. The city is known for its vineyards and local products. It is also close to Bordeaux, making it an ideal place for holidaymakers. Discover everything there is to know about Libourne in this article! Location Libourne is... Lire la suite