Le Verdon-sur-Mer

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde estuary, Le Verdon-sur-Mer is the northernmost seaside resort of the Gironde coast, on the edge of the Médoc peninsula.

Placed under the benevolence of the Cordouan lighthouse, the “Verdon” is first of all the Pointe de Grave, a magical place where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and those of the Gironde River meet and mix. It is then vast beaches of fine sand on the Atlantic coast, forests and marshes crossed by numerous bicycle paths and hiking trails; it is finally a marina of 800 moorings, Port-Médoc.

Thus, La Pointe du Médoc was born from the combination of an exceptional environment and a human will to act to preserve it and offer French and foreign tourists a different kind of vacation, far from stress, pollution and noise. It is the favorite destination for lovers of the great outdoors, back to basics and the extreme.

Le Verdon sur Mer is a very welcoming resort. Far from the tourist crowds, the inhabitants know how to give a warm welcome to all those who come to taste and share the charms of their land.

Their friendly philosophy is undoubtedly based on the exceptional geography of their country: the limitless space belongs to all as well as to each. This is why there is an omnipresent feeling of ambient happiness.

So, if their wine and their gastronomy are so famous, it is certainly not by chance…

The beaches of La Chambrette, Saint Nicolas and Port-Médoc have been awarded the 2010 Blue Flag label.
Tourist Office of Verdon-sur-Mer
+33 5 56 09 61 78 – www.pointe-medoc.com

Idea of Discovery: Visit the Cordouan lighthouse

Classified as a historical monument in 1862, the Cordouan lighthouse is nicknamed the “Versailles of the sea” (it houses a chapel dedicated to King Louis XIV). It is the oldest lighthouse in Europe (16th century). Located 7 km from Le Verdon-sur-Mer, the lighthouse can be visited from April to October. It is reached by a speedboat (30 minutes crossing) from the Pointe de Grave.

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Duration of the trip: about 4 hours. Attention: the landing is done with your feet in the water.

Reservation required at +33 5 56 09 62 93 or +33 6 09 73 30 84 | http://www.vedettelaboheme.com

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