Bastide of Blasimon

Founded in 1273, the Castrum of “Blavini Mons” became a Bastide under English rule in 1322, by decision of Edward II. Blasimon dominates the valley of the Gamage and the splendid Benedictine abbey church of Saint-Nicolas, famous for its façade (classified M.H.). Nearby, the Departmental Sports and Leisure Area with supervised beach, fishing, various leisure … Read more

Bastide of Creon

Bastide of English origin founded in 1315 by Amaury de Craon, Seneschal of the King of England, Créon was the seat of the great royal provostry of the Entre-deux-Mers until the Revolution. It has remained a commercial city with renowned markets and fairs and an intense associative and cultural life. The Place de la Prévôté, … Read more

Bastide of Cadillac

On the banks of the Garonne, the Bastide was founded in 1280 for the King of England. From that time, the original geometric plan, the blocks of houses, the central square with some arcades, two of the four fortified gates, three towers and a large part of the surrounding wall remain. At night, this heritage … Read more

Bastide of Monségur

Monségur, the only bastide of height in the Gironde, founded in 1265 by Eleanor of Provence, has preserved the original plan characteristic of bastides, the square with its completely renovated roofs, a very beautiful glass and cast iron market hall, a church typical of the bastides of the Languedoc type (listed in the M.H. inventory), … Read more

Cooperage Museum

During your visit to the castle Les Tuileries, you will appreciate to discover or better know the know-how of our ancestors through a cooperage museum.

François Mauriac Center of Malagar

The park, with a surface of four hectares, is articulated around several spaces: a meadow opened on the hillsides of Entre-deux-Mers, an undergrowth, an orchard of fruit trees and not far from the famous “terrace of Malagar”, a vegetable garden. As a symbol of Mauriac, it is difficult not to refer to the long avenue … Read more

Bastide of Sauveterre-de-Guyenne

Founded in 1281 by King Edward I, the Bastide of Sauveterre, located at a crossroads of traffic routes, was particularly important both economically and strategically. During the Hundred Years War, it changed ten times its suzerain to finally become French in 1451. The central square with its arcades and four listed gates remain from the … Read more

Bastide of Pellegrue

Founded in the 13th century on a rocky spur, Pellegrue has two renovated churches, Saint-André (in the town – listed in the M.H. inventory), Genas (on the Duras road) and three partly destroyed. It also has three castles located on the heights, vestiges of its historical past: castle of Boyrac Ségur, from the 15th century, … Read more