Fort Médoc

Classified as a historical monument, this fort was built by Vauban on the banks of the Gironde in 1689. It formed a line of protection on the estuary with the Citadel of Blaye and the Fort Paté. These three sites constituting the “lock of the estuary” have been classified as World Heritage by UNESCO within … Read more

Cordouan Lighthouse

King of lighthouses and lighthouse of kings, Cordouan, as it exists today, was built on the orders of Henry III on the site of a 13th century tower. Work began in 1584 and was completed in the early 17th century. The building, with its innovative architecture for its time, is a real technical feat. Consolidated … Read more

Citadel of Blaye, UNESCO world heritage

The Citadel of Blaye is a fortress located in the town of Blaye, in the department of Gironde. The Citadel was built between 1685 and 1689 by the military engineer François Ferry. In 2009, the Citadel of Blaye was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List The Citadel is an impressive sight, rising above the … Read more