Discover a new escape game in Bordeaux

Notice to all Bordeaux escape game lovers, a brand new course arrives in town: the Bordeaux Escape Game of Hunting Town. This innovative escape game takes players on an adventure through the streets of Bordeaux, on an outdoor course.

The mission of this course: To secure a powerful artifact, before it falls into the hands of dark intentions, solving puzzles thanks to the monuments of the city

Players will receive several tools to complete their quest: a map with the important points and monuments of the city and a GoPro. They will receive video puzzles on the phone of one of the group members. A Game Master will remotely follow the progress of players on the course by validating their destination and their answers to the puzzles.

The equipment made available to the team of players

Players have a great responsibility because of the importance of the mission entrusted to them. It is therefore necessary that they have the appropriate equipment to start this adventure in the streets of the city of Bordeaux. With a phone, a city map and a GoPro, players have everything they need to succeed in their mission.

Riddles received by phone to complete the mission

As in any good mission, communication is an essential element to the smooth running of the game and of course to the success of the mission. Players will be in contact with Claire, an agent of Hunting Town who will send them the puzzles that block his way, which only players will be able to solve because they are on site in Bordeaux. The Game Master who will welcome the players will take the phone number of one of the players in order to put him in touch with Claire. The puzzles sent by Claire will be in video format. She will share with the team her progress in finding the artifact.

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A map not to get lost in the streets of Bordeaux

To make the game accessible to everyone, even those who do not know the city of Bordeaux, the Game Master will give the team of players a map of the city with, in evidence, the most important monuments they are likely to have to go to during the activity. Before each trip to a new place in the city, players will have to inform Claire who will validate or not their trip, so that players do not get lost or waste time by going to the wrong destination.

A GoPro to capture every minute of activity

In such a mission, we would almost forget to take souvenir photos! Hunting Town offers you better: the video of your adventure! If you win the mission, you can keep the video! But how does it work? Throughout the game, a camera will be attached to one of the players to capture every moment of the activity. You can watch the video together to bring back beautiful memories, or make a montage to compile the best moments of your Hunting Town mission!

An Escape Game to discover with family or friends

The escape game Hunting Town is a game for all audiences. You can very well come and solve the puzzles of the course:

  • With friends for a revisited city outing or for a bachelorette party / stag do
  • As a family with children – not too young for them to understand the game and to prevent them from getting tired too quickly

The concept of the activity allows players to discover, or rediscover for the locals, the monuments and emblematic places of Bordeaux while having fun. The puzzles and the timer add a fun dimension and a certain challenge to a simple walk through the streets of the city. In addition, during the game, the team does not really have time to stop to take pictures: the mission above all! The video filmed by the GoPro can therefore be the way to keep this memory together, and replaces very well the selfies usually taken all over the city.

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Additional information on outdoor escape games

After introducing the game, here is some additional information about the activity.

How many people can the Bordeaux mission be played with?

The activity can be played from a team of two players and can have up to 8 players. If you are more numerous in your group, do not hesitate to contact the Hunting Town teams who will offer you to adapt the activity in competition mode between several teams of players, a different and very fun game experience.

What are the prices of the escape game Hunting Town in Bordeaux?

For outdoor escape games Hunting Town, rates are decreasing according to the number of players. For a session of two people, the game is 25€ per person. From six players, the price is 18 € per person. You can find all the details of the rates on the Hunting Town website.

Some tips before coming to your gaming session

To spend the best possible experience with family or friends, here are some tips that will allow you to live your adventure in the streets of Bordeaux in optimal conditions:

  • The distance covered during the activity in the city is about three kilometers, to be done in 60 minutes with the puzzle solving on the way, so we advise you to come equipped with a good pair of sneakers.
  • Don’t come too busy. Indeed, there is no place to put your things, so prefer not to clutter too much, it will be more convenient to carry out the mission.
  • Plan a small backpack with a bottle of water, the adventure is never easy!
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